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About Us

     was established by the Ursulines of the Roman Union of the Order of St. Ursula in 1966. It was named "Wenzao" in honor of Wenzao Lo, the first Chinese Bishop.

Wenzao is known for its commitment to excellence in teaching of foreign languages. With its motto, “Revere the divine, love the human.” and the motto of all Ursuline schools, “Serviam” (I will serve), Wenzao hopes to develop students spiritually as well as to prepare them for success in this highly demanding and competitive world. Wenzao expects all Wenzaorians to acquire professional capability and communication skills inspired by Life, Language, and Leadership.

     We offer undergraduates and students in junior college programs in a wide range of subjects including English, Translation and Interpreting, International Business Administration, International Affairs, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Foreign Language Instruction, Applied Chinese, Communication Arts, and Digital Content Application and Management. Wenzao has established and maintained substantial and long-term relationship with 274 sister schools and institutions from different countries in Asia, America, Europe, Oceania and Africa. Collaboration between Wenzao and the foreign universities and institutions cover various areas such as exchange students and faculty, students go abroad for visits of academic purposes and so on.

     Wenzao is renowned for its foreign language education and has always put special emphasis on interaction with foreign educational institutions. In the early stage, major activities were limited to visiting colleges and universities, especially in Europe and America. Since Wenzao’s upgrading to university status in 2013, international activities and programs have become more diversified.


     Faculty and students go abroad for academic purposes, while events of various kinds are regularly scheduled on campus, such as international seminars and overseas internship programs, exchange programs, and volunteering. Just as activities have turned out to be bilateral or multilateral, connection has crossed over to Latin America, the Pacific Rim and as far as Africa. So far, Wenzao has 274 academic collaboration partners. However, we aim not merely at an increasing number of sister schools but also at the establishment of a substantial and long-term relationship with these schools. Based on the existing relationship, the Office of International and Cross-strait Cooperation (OICC) will keep promoting academic exchange activities. In the future, OICC will devote itself to cultivating global citizens, developing international cooperation projects with government agencies and industries, recruiting outstanding students for overseas studies and international volunteer projects, offering joint-degree programs with partner schools, hosting annual Chinese Summer Program and providing information to attract foreign students to study at Wenzao, all in a view to shaping a campus with international characteristics.



     Since 2008, Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages has hosted consecutive Chinese summer programs for foreign faculty members and students from our sister schools. Over the past few years, more than 400 international students and faculty members from over 30 universities worldwide came to Taiwan for the first time in their life to learn Chinese and to be exposed to Taiwanese Culture. The countries have included France, Korea, Japan, UK, Czech Republic, Poland, Belgium, USA, Panama, Thailand , Vietnam, Indonesia and Mozambique, etc. Participants all have had great and unforgettable experience from this program. Besides making new friends from all over the world, they have learned Chinese language, enjoyed the hospitality of local Wenzao students and Taiwanese and grown to love the extraordinary and unique culture and history of Taiwan.




  • Intensive Mandarin classes (beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels)

  • Participants will receive a certificate from this program after the camp.



  • Cultural classes such as calligraphy, tea arts, Chinese music and drama, traditional craft, Tai Chi, and Chan meditation

  • Field trips to various scenic spots in Southern Taiwan.

  • Visit cultural parks & heritage museums.


  • Two or three persons share one room of student dormitory on the campus.

  • Faculty participants will be placed at the Guest House.

  • Registration fee covers accommodation from July 6th to July 26th, any additional stay in student dorm will be charged at a rate of NT$250 per day.

  • Every room is equipped with bathroom and free wi-fi.

  • Beddings and pillow could be borrowed.

  • All dormitory rules must be obeyed, including no-alcohol, smoking, gambling, illegal drugs and 22:00 curfew, etc.


  • Breakfast and lunch are provided Monday through Friday on the campus.

  • Insurance is not covered by this program, all participants should purchase individual health/travel insurance in their home country prior to departure.

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